When jewellery doesn’t sound quite as nice as it should do.

As many will know, we ship to many countries around the world.

I was just having a look at our feedback on amazon.de, which is Amazon in Germany.  We had 23 ratings, as they call it, so I was excited to see the comments most of which were nice and quite complimentary.  Germany’s postal service has been fairly turbulent of late, seeing many delays.

When I was replying to one feedback that remarked that their item had arrived earlier than expected, I started responding in English and then used Google to translate.

I am not good at languages and rely heavily on translation services but was surprised when I reread my text and the translation below.

“Jewellery” translated into German is “Schmuck”.

It does make you think how strange language can be in that some words are so similar and obviously closely related but others don’t even appear close.


Amazon positive feedback Maldon Jewellery

Danke für Ihre netten Worte. Ich bin froh, die Streiks nicht Ihre Lieferung betroffen.
Pass auf
Simon (Maldon Schmuck)

Thankyou for your kind words.  I am glad the strikes have not affected your delivery.
Take care
Simon ( Maldon Jewellery )

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