Thank you from Amazon customer vXXX (Order: 202-XXXX-XXXXX0) Traction Engine sterling silver charm

thankyou for contacting us about the traction engine charm.
I am glad you are happy and liked it.
This one is a lovely little charm as the front wheels move and the back wheels rotate.
A bit of size difference compared to the real thing.

Unfortunately that was the last one but we will be getting more in stock soon.
If we can ever help in the future then please let us know
Kind regards Simon

On 12/02/2015 13:31, vXXX – Amazon Marketplace wrote:

Order ID 2XXXXXXXXX0: 1 of Traction engine sterling silver charm .925 x 1 steam engines charms PJPC393 [ASIN: B008G4Q1RI] 

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hi thank you so much for this little charm you sent to me it so special to me now as it reminds me of what im doing now learning how to preserve something well the real thing anyway but thank you so much and I absolutely love it thank you 

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