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Q. Hi, could you tell me the dimensions of this silver coffin charm please, thanks?

A. Hello,
thankyou for contacting us.
We take apx 3 photos of each item against a ruler to illustrate the true size.
I have just checked the listing on our PC and they are showing next to the main image.
If you are viewing the listing via an app, phone or tablet, then the pictures may show in a few different locations but should certainly appear on the listing.
If they are not showing for you, please let us know and we can try and message them to you.
The length including the jump ring is apx   20mm but the pictures show it much better.

If we can help any further please let us know.
Kind regards Simon

We are always happy to answer potential customers’ questions and this is quite a popular one. The reply to this enquiry is above but with all our 5000+ sterling silver charms, we photograph against a ruler to give a much better idea of size.

Usually, there are at least 4 photos taken and 3 will show the charms next to the ruler.

Below are a few charms from our website, ebay as well as Amazon. These show the placements of the extra images against the ruler.

As per usual, if you ever need help then please let us know

Kind regards Simon

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