It’s a little small, have you got something bigger?

Well. thankfully, it’s something I don’t hear too often, especially with swimmer charms. A very nice Amazon customer left a voicemail saying that she was pleased with the swimmer charm, but it was a little small, did we have anything larger.

sorry to have missed your call yesterday.
I was going to phone and then thought that explaining the different charms would be nigh on impossible, over the phone.
Anyway, we do have a number of swimmer charms but they are all relatively small.
I photograph every one beside a ruler to illustrate the length width and thickness.  These appear as extra images on every one of our 5000+ listings, BUT, it's only when you physically hold an item that you really see what it's like.

There is one other swimmer that springs to mind that is slightly larger, BUT (again), it is from a supplier that does a range of traditional Greek Olympiad charms and they take the form of naked males.
This might not be appropriate for you but will appear on the Amazon link below.
I have actually just found another too on the link below.

The next link should show all the swimming charms that we have.
I am afraid that other charms get found in the search too like a French hen due to Christmas and the rhyme for 12 days of Christmas.

Lastly if you would like to return the swimmer charm that you have then please return to the address below.
Please enclose a note with the order number so that we know who to refund.
We get about one return a month with no details and of course we have no idea who to refund.

If we can help any further then please let us know
Kind regards Simon

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