I’m a little teapot.

Here in England there’s nothing we like better than a cup of tea.

Many people take away these quaint little customs and look to some charms to remind them of our ways.

We have many types of teapot silver charms and what better to go with it than a bit of cake silver charm.

Im a Little Teapot st silver charm .925 x 1 SSLP3157

teapot silver charms

Teapot silver charms

A Teapot sterling silver charm

Teapot Sterling Silver Charm

We have so many other designs from teapot charms with cute mice inside.

Teapot bead charms.

Tiny Teapot charms.

Opening teapot charms.

Also some as sets with a teapot, cup and saucer and cake on a plate.

Remember a piece of England and have a cup of tea………

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