How the other half live….

Just reading through some of the news that pops into my inbox and it seems that Kanye West can’t get his hands on an item of jewellery. Not because of it’s price, but because of it’s exclusivity that he appears to be excluded from.

The Sun newspaper reports this story

Well, I am happy to say that we do not YET have this sort of exclusivity and would welcome most customers, whether they want to spend a pound or maybe £500,000 (in my dreams).

We’re also not as difficult to get hold of as Joel Arthur Rosenthal – known as JAR. You can order your sterling silver charms and other silver jewellery online at

Sadly, we don’t have a Blue Butterfly that was made with Montana sapphires, diamonds, silver and gold, but we do have many sterling silver butterfly charms. Around thirty. And that should be ample for even the keenest butterfly lover.

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