Do you solder….. YES WE DO

Well, sort of.

We invested in a Jewellery micro welding machine in 2022 and since then we have been able to solder the connecting rings of charms and the fittings, saving a small fortune for customers from the normal prices of high street jewellery shops.

When we say soldering we actually weld. So, it’s not actually soldering but from here on in we’ll refer to it as soldering.

Instead of using solder that has to be melted to fill the join, the micro welder allows us to fuse the parts together very quickly. The majority of the time the parts are the two ends of a jump ring.

So, what can we solder?

  • We can solder the connecting rings of bead fittings to charms.
  • We can solder the lobster clips to charms
  • We can solder the jump rings of charms

The bead and clip items we sell that already have the fitting connected, will usually be soldered prior to dispatch.

If you find a charm that you love and would like it converted to fit a bead fitting or a lobster clip fitting then add the charm to your basket and the fitting and then choose the SOLDER service at checkout and add to your basket.

Where a customer has not selected the soldering service or has not specified what needs to be soldered to what, we won’t guess but will try to reach out using the details you provide. Some customers have said, “Well it’s obvious as there’s one clip and one charm”. Please remember that some customers are purchasing separate items for a reason, they may not want them fitted together and we have no way of knowing unless you tell us.

Don’t forget, if you have multiple items and clips and beads in your basket, please let us know in the order notes, which fitting will go on which charm.

At the time of writing (21st April 2023) this is a free service but this may change in the future.

If you forget to select the “solder service” then no worries. Please just email us immediately after the purchase and we can make sure the fitting you have paid for is soldered to the charm.

I hope the information above is of some help but as always, if we can help then please let us know

Kind regards SImon

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