A few new items for the Schnauzer Dog lover!

Hello again.

we had a potential customer the other day who was looking for some schnauzer earrings.

I thought that we had made some up in the past, but, it shows how good my memory was as we hadn’t.

We put the parts together and photographed and then listed them. As I think you can agree they are something special. The old “brows” of the schnauzer make them look a little stern but if they resemble that much-loved pet then, like ourselves, what can you do?

We also made up the same charm but with a bead fitting for the Pandora lovers out there which goes alongside the clip-fitting version as well as the traditional version too.

Both the charm and the earrings should show below with links but of course, if you prefer to order from ebay or Amazon then the listings are there too.

If you have seen one of our traditional charms that you think would look great as earrings or on a bead fitting or clip fitting then please contact us and hopefully, we can help.

Don’t forget that items already made up with clips and bead fittings will have their fittings soldered. If you purchase a clip or bead fitting and want it attached to a particular charm then either choose our solder service or email us after the order is placed.

Soldering Service

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